Restaurants in Lisbon area

This is a contribution to food lovers and those who have guests & visitors in Lisbon area =)

Local traditional food

Note that Portuguese food usually has fish or meat.



You can find some touristic spots in Bairro Alto easily. However, the Alfama area and its little spots are more authentic:

Alternative and non-traditional food:

  • Lisbon city
    • Zappi. Good pizza with natural ingredients. You can taste it with the tomato sauce of a Margarita.
    • Retrogusto experience. Good pizza.
    • Lupita. Quite crowded, but it’s one of the best pizzas in the city.

    • Sushisan Santos. Good quality/price balance. All you can eat.
    • Trickys. Modern food, good music, seasonal products. Book with enough time in advance.
    • Rebel Asian. I LOVE IT!
    • Soju Pocha (소주포차). Corean, recommended, kind service and relatively good price.
    • Onigiri-A. Intimate, cute, small and good Japanese restaurant. Book it if possible. Good prize.
    • Lost In. Indian + Mediterranean & Asian fusion with an incredibly beautiful terrace.
    • Natraj Tandoori. Good Indian.
    • Fogo de Chão (Brazilian meat rodizio, there are several around the city)
    • Da Wanmian. Authentic humble chinesse cheap familiar local, also called the illegal.
    • Boa-Bao. Asian, a bit expensive.
    • Mediactico. Highly recommended, very good wines are Monte Carochina and Arinto de Acores.

    • Farès (Arabic)
    • Yallah (Middle East food. The yallah dish is recommended)
    • Coyo Taco. The one in Cais do Sodré.
  • Oeiras, Carcavelos and Cascais
    • Temperature Fancy & expensive, with veggie options.
    • La Plage In the beach with a nice view.
    • Alkimia Madeirense Carcavelos. High quality but expensive.
    • Bafureira Club. Sushi, beautiful view.
    • Adamastor. Beautiful terrace in front of the sea with live music and local beer.
    • Izakaya Cascais. Japanese modern restaurant. If you like seeing the making-up & kitchens and don’t mind sitting in the bar, this is a place to go. A bit pricey but the food is good and the atmosphere is worth it.

Nice terraces for a drink

There are plenty of terraces, particularly in spring&summer, so you’ll find places everywhere. These are nice.

Brunch & breakfast:

Cocktail bars (welcome to a hot topic in Lisbon :) )